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Ancient Maps
On this page you'll find maps of areas of the world spoken of in the Bible, some ancient and some not. Unless otherwise stated you must ask permission from their owner to use them other than for your own personal use. See the bottom of the page for copyright information on the maps.
Babylonian Clay Tablet World Map, 600 B.C.
This map has two images; one of the original clay tablet, and another of an interpretive redrawing. It shows a view of a flat, round world with Babylonia at its center.
Roman Map - Orbis Terrarum, 20 A.D.
This is a reconstruction of a map of the Roman Empire, known as the Orbis Terrarum. Romans tended to care less about geographic accuracy and more about its political and military practicality when making maps, as can be seen here.
Madaba Mosaic Maps of Jerusalem and Palestine, 565 A.D.
These are Mosaic maps of Jerusalem and Palestine that were discovered in the floor of a sixth-century church undergoing reconstruction in 1896 in Madaba, Jordan by Kleopas Koikylides. The mosaic had been damaged during the reconstruction, and what you see is all that is left.
World Map According to Dionysius, 124 A.D.
This reconstruction of a world map was created by Dionysius, a Greek poet, showing the world as one long island extending from Iceland to Libya, and placing it entirely north of the equator.
World Map According to Pomponius Mela, 37 A.D.
This reconstruction of a world map was created by Pomponius Mela, a Roman Cartographer, who believed there were southern areas of the world that were not accessible to Europeans because of the desert regions between them. Africa in those days hadn't been explored much further south than Egypt.
Ancient Asia Minor map - This map was originally published in an atlas of ancient geography by Alexander Findlay in 1849.
Eastern Roman Empire - This map was originally published in a book titled from East and West through Fifteen Centuries Volume II by G. F. Young in 1916.
Greek map of world by Reinaud
Greek map of world by Herodotus - This is a reconstruction of a map of the Greek world by Herodotus that was made ca 450 BC.
Maps showing Israel's boundaries both historically and in modern times. This map was made in 1973 and is courtesy of the University of Texas in Austin.
Map of Jerusalem during the time of David, approximately 1000 BC.
Map of Jerusalem during the time of Solomon, approximately 970 BC.
Map of Jerusalem during the time of Herod (the Herodian period).
Map of Jerusalem during the revolt begun by Judah Macabee. The revolt by the "Maccabee's," as he and his followers came to be called, was against the Syrians and claimed victory in 167 BC.
Map of Jerusalem during the later monarchy after the exile
Map of the Macedonian Empire ca 333 BC.
Map of Palestine during the time of Saul, ca 1020 BC.
Persian Empire ca 500 BC.
Strabo World Map - This map was put together by the Greek philosopher Strabo ca 18 AD through interviews with travelers and through ancient writings.
The Assyrian Empire - This map shows the boundaries of the Assyrian Empire and how it grew between the years 750 and 625 BC.
World Map according to Hecataeus - This map was penned by the Greek Geographer Hecataeus in the 6th century BC.
World Map according to Posidonius - Posidonius was a Greek stoic who was known as a mathematician, philosopher, and scientist. This map was penned by him ca 140 BC.
The maps from this site come from various sources, but primarily from and The University of Texas at Austin (used with permission). To use these maps for anything but your own use you will need their permission.
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