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Below you'll find links to other Christian sites that we hope you'll enjoy. God Bless!

The Baptist Page - TheBaptistPage.net is a site that Christians in general should find a good resource, although it is focused primarily on Baptists. Included on the site are Christian education, Bible study, Bible translation, and witnessing & apologetics resources; downloads of works by the church fathers and others; a Baptist church search; humor; movie & game reviews; Christian radio stations by state; and much more.

Bible Translations.Info - Still under construction, the purpose of this site is to give a basic overview of the hundreds of English translations of God's Word. On each page you'll find alternate names for each translation, sample verses from the translation, the date of publication, who did the translation (if available), downloads of the translations in multiple formats (if available), texts used, links to further information on the translation, and more.

If you know of other good sites we should link to or would like to exchange links, please let us know.

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